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Being with Harry was like a dream come true but you were upset that you had to work on your anniversary. You were on your way home from a long day at work and just wanted to see the only person who could make you happy. When you got home you saw that all the lights were off, but there was a pathway of candles leading to the backyard. Once you reached the backyard you were blown away by all the dim lights hanging from the trees, a big projection screen with a little bed area set up, and last but not least a beautiful table set for two. Right beside the table was your gorgeous boyfriend staring at you with loving eyes. During dinner you vented to Harry about all the stress at work and he kindly sat there and listened to everything you had to say. Once you finished dinner, Harry grabbed your hand and led you to the little bed area by the projection screen.

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Every night, after doing all your usual daily things of going to work, running errands, paying bills, and all that other nonsense, to avoid feeling lonely in the evenings when you and Harry would normally be nestled up on the couch watching TV, you bake. You usually start out strong, baking up dozens of things a day. Eventually you tend to ease up a bit as you get better used to him being away again. You hear the footsteps pad towards you and suddenly there are arms wrapping around your waist.

You smile like a loon and wrap him in a large hug.

He field ypur measure one direction preferences hes your teacher and your dating reputation into your location but continuously you pulled away from the datinv. You pushed Liam back so that he had exactly on his bed and read on top of him.

Tumblr Codes by Hot-lyts. It was a beautiful day in London ,and you and Louis decided to take a stroll throughout the city. You two walked hand in hand window shopping and chatting with the occasional fan that you ran into. Most of them were incredibly sweet to you and loved you. But not all of them. A large group swarmed you two ,and begged for pictures.

You backed off to make room for them but before you did you heard a couple of the girls snicker in your direction. You stood there in shock. You were a very insecure person and that didnt help. You opened up your bag of makeup for some mascara ,but the comment you heard from those girls flashed into your mind. Louis knew you normally didnt take that long to get ready so he came in to check on you.

Did someone say something? Louis slowly shook his head.


You grinned, turning the light off on your way. You wiggled away from him just enough to make him quit right when the movie began. The titles began to play and the room grew silent.

He’s dating your bestfriend. Zayn- And he seems so happy. The gleam in his eyes is back. He looks incredibly happy, but it’s not with you.

She took your brother away from you. Harry, he loved to spoil you, so you always got nice, expensive clothes from him. You wore them the first day you met his girlfriend, and she thought you were a spoiled, brat. Harry, he hated that his sister and his girlfriend hated each other. Harry resolved it, he found a common interest between the two of you, him.

That was, until, your thoughts were correct. Niall, he loved you even more after that, and started listening to what your thought afterwards. Ever since X Factor, when you met the other lads, you had the biggest crush on, none other than, Louis Tomlinson. Eleanor and Dani get along well, therefore, you do not like Dani.

One day, he asked why. You stopped liking Louis—or acted like it. Zayn never told the world he had another sister. Not because you were embarrassing or anything, but you went off to America for high school and university.

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You walked up his steps that led up to his gigantic house, with your suitcase in your hands. You rang the door bell, and a couple seconds later, you heard screaming of excitement in the house, by the baby, and the door swung open to see the one and only Harry Styles, and his daughter, Darcy, holding his hand. Niall- You visited your best friend Niall, and his little child, Liam, as Niall was teaching him how to play football Soccer.

You were in the backyard, sitting on the bench, watching them play, until Niall interupted your thoughts.

One direction preferences he’s dating your friend One direction preference he’s dating your best friend Zayn walk to. He settled in his deal was the one direction, you had gone to be harry styles, you had a .

You laugh, looking at the pictures on your laptop screen. I told you about him? You nudge his side, “Hey, it was halloween! Me and Andy always used to dress up as matching things – that year we were meant to be salt and pepper. The year after, I think, we were tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum,”. You flick to the next picture, “Aww, I remember that!

We saved our pocket money for weeks to get that dvd,” you laugh. You’d flicked to the next image, one of you signing Andy’s green cast, “He wanted it pink for a joke, but his mum wouldn’t let him,” you shake your head, remembering. You nod, looking at the strange expression on his face before shrugging and going onto the next picture. We were always in that! When his mum and dad first got it, we thought it was the optimum of cool!

I’m sure he’s doing just great! You push your laptop to one side and go lean on the bedroom doorway, looking in at Louis who was lying on the bed, arms crossed and facing the wall. And there’s going to be many more because I plan to spend the rest of my life with you!

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This is a blog dedicated to One Direction!!! I I do imagines and preferences, so send in requests!!! Sometimes I’ll do ships! Feel free to message me anytime!!! Your child skips school and the guys catch them out requested Louis: Louis and the boys were out for the day.

Preference Masterlist Here is a list of all my preferences:) • Saying Goodbye Before he Leaves for Tour • What he Gets You for Your Birthday • Song he Dedicates to You at a Concert •.

You lightly chuckle as you take in the sight around you. Zayn is inconspicuously looking into the mirror on the far wall as he fixes his quiff, all while Niall just patiently eating a bag of crisps on the floor staring blankly at whatever T. The rain picked up outside and you could tell the power was going to go out at any second; great just what we need.

Just as the unjust thought crossed my mind the lights and TV went black; perfect. When I came back all the boys were shirtless from the humid June air and were sitting in a circle on the dark living room floor. We all lighted the candles and turned on the lamps and made our way back to the circle.

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You stop talking and can’t believe what’s happening. I absolutely love this place! Is this the girl which eats as much as me? You understand this girl is mine? And now get out of here now! You feel so sorry for him, he’s so sweet.

Zayn: After watching the most horrifically horrible movie in world, you and your best friend Zayn walk to your shared flat. Rumors have been going around that you two have been dating and you were sick of it. Only because you actually wanted to say it was true, when it would never actually happen.

Your sister and her best friend were only 2 years older than you and you have loved her best friend, Harry, since you were young. You developed a crush for Harry when you were 9 and when you turned 15, you knew you loved him. You are now 17, so you have loved him for about 8 years. Harry would probably never go for you seeing as you are the more awkward sibling. Your sister on the other hand, was beautiful.

Whenever he came over you did your best to avoid him whenever he came over because you were afraid to embarrass yourself in front of him. You were in the kitchen munching on some chips when you heard someone chuckle. You nearly knocked over the bowl of chips when you saw Harry standing in the doorway. You didn’t realise you were holding your breath until he looked away from you and around the kitchen.

How did he know your favourite chips? You nearly jumped in delight but remembered Harry was still present in the room.

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You were invited by your best friend and her new boyfriend to a picnic, having you third-wheeling around with them. Of course you accepted the offer, thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. You couldn’t be more wrong.

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Request Ashton You were asleep up in your room. Of course, some noises down in the rest of the house started during the night. You whined into your pillow before you became awake enough to question what the bloody hell was making the noises in your house. You blinked at him and the flash light tumbled to the floor narrowly missing your foot. Ashton jumped at the bang but you kept staring at him standing still. Then you felt his big warm hand on your arm.

That one touch and you knew it was real. Really, my plan was to just crawl in bed and hold you.