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I’ve been skiing for 36 of my 39 years but have never yet tried snowboarding or, up until last week, monoskiing. Thirty minutes into my first dabble with the latter and it wasn’t looking like I’d be trading in two skis for one any time soon. Word is that monoskiing is cool again. Ski Cool first launched in Credit: Ski Cool When Ski Cool launched in , a decade after the first lifts opened in Val Thorens, monoskiing and Rico was entering its brief golden age. Pioneered in the Seventies by the California surfing legend Mike Doyle, it enjoyed a decade of shoulder-padded glory in France and California with annual sales of monoskis allegedly topping , in the mid-Eighties. Although monoskiers were much like the early snowboarders trying to mimic the fluidity and flotation of surfboards for riding powder, even at its zenith, this was a fringe sport that seemed to appeal primarily to those seeking to stand out from the crowd. A single wide ski, the mono is used with the same boots rear entry for authenticity , bindings and poles as in alpine skiing, with both feet facing forwards rather than sideways to the direction of travel like a snowboard. With feet so close together, and the original monoskis featuring straight edges with no curves, turning was achieved by clamping the knees together and throwing out the hips and arms.

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Poly/Mono or Mono/Poly When polyamory and monogamy coexist in the same relationship. I started dating a man whose wife suggested they have an open marriage after she lost interest in going to.

Women who ate the same lunch for five consecutive days were found to have taken in fewer calories by the end of the week than they would normally If you’ve ever thought complicated recipe plans and time-consuming calorie counts were a difficult way to lose weight, this could be the diet for you. There are no expensive supplements, detoxing drinks or so-called superfoods — the only slimming ingredient required is boredom.

Scientists say eating the same meal every day for a week causes people to consume fewer calories because they become less interested in the food. Women who ate macaroni and cheese for five consecutive days were found to have taken in fewer calories by the end of the week than they would normally. But the positive effects did not apply to weekly repetition. Those who were given a portion of the same dish only once a week for five weeks saw their calorie intake boosted by 30 each time they ate the meal.

Even simply recalling the last time the same dish has been eaten may help an individual reduce how much they consume.

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The question of how do we know we are in love is probably asked by everyone at some point in their life. The question is answered from an individual perspective of life and what is important. Personally, I never ever dreamed of being in a relationship. Even when I was a child I did not fantasize about marriage nor did I play “house”. Then one day after years of knowing the same people, but never meeting, I met my significant other. I fell hard and 14 years later we are still together.

Nov 22,  · Dating a poly person comfortably requires you to shift your worldly perception of relationships as you know them, reconfigure the terms upon which they’ve operated, and become comfortable with the intersectional nature of relationships that traditional monogamy can ignore.

Journal Article Briefly Two pumiceous tephra layers, widespread in meadow topsoils of the southern Sierra Nevada, are correlated on the basis of radiocarbon dates and trace-element analyses with two eruptive centers at the northern and southern ends of the Mono Craters–Inyo craters volcanic chain in eastern California. Pumice and obsidian that were erupted in the northern part of the chain are uniform in trace-element content, whereas those erupted from the southern part are nonuniform and distinctly different, particularly in Sr content.

Similar differences are recognized in the two most recent and widespread tephra layers originating from these sites. These tephra layers are the deposits of the most recent explosive eruptions of magma from the Mono Craters and the Inyo craters. Its distribution defines a south-trending lobe extending over the Sierra Nevada from the upper San Joaquin drainage area to the Little Kern drainage area.

Sr, Rb, and Zr contents of the ash are similar to those of a tephra-ringed obsidian dome at the south end of the Inyo craters. It is encountered as a fine ash layer in the Sierra Nevada from northernmost Yosemite to Kings Canyon. Its low Sr content indicates geochemical affinity with the Mono Craters. Panum Crater, a tephra-ringed dome at the north end of the chain, appears to be its most likely source vent.

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Aug 09,  · * You can get mono through kissing or sharing cups or silverware with someone who has the virus. You can also get it if someone with mono coughs or .

Artifacts At sites dating from the Archaic period, archaeologists find the first abundant evidence of stone tools designed specifically for the preparation of plant foods. Remarkably, these same tools—or variations of them—are still used today in cultures around the world. Archaeologists working in the American Southwest call these tools “manos” and “metates. Mano is the Spanish word for “hand,” and it refers to a stone that is held in one or both hands and moved back and forth against a larger stone in order to grind seeds, nuts, and other hard materials.

Metate is derived from metatl, a word used by native peoples in central Mexico to describe the larger stone against which the mano is ground. During the Archaic period, manos were round or oval stones small enough to be held in one hand. They are called “one-hand manos” or, sometimes, “biscuit manos,” because they somewhat resemble large biscuits. The metates were larger and had an oval or oblong depression, which held the foodstuffs or other materials as they were being ground.

These larger stone implements are called “basin metates” because of their distinctive shape. The handheld atlatl allowed spears to be thrown with greater force and accuracy. It consisted of a narrow piece of wood with a small projection, or hook, at one end. The projection fit into the butt end of the spear shaft and held the spear in place until it was released. The spear was tipped with a projectile point.


It derives from the English neo-classical prefix bi- meaning “two” from bisexual and the root -phobia from the Greek: Along with transphobia and homophobia, it is one of a family of terms used to describe intolerance and discrimination against LGBT people. The adjectival form biphobic describes things or qualities related to biphobia, and the less-common noun biphobe is a label for people thought to harbor biphobia.

Its meaning and use typically parallel those of xenophobia. Forms[ edit ] Denial and erasure[ edit ] Biphobia can lead people to deny that bisexuality is “real”, asserting that people who identify as bisexual are not genuinely bisexual, or that the phenomenon is far less common than they claim.

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The girls remain tiny for the age, but are happy and healthy. Sarah Thistlethwaite holds her twin daughters, Jenna and Jillian, after her delivery of the monoamniotic twin girls at Akron General Hospital in Akron, Ohio. The rare twins were allowed home a month after their birth Father: Bill Thistlethwaite lovingly gazes at his new daughter on May 9 this year near Orrville, Ohio Growing girls: Mother Sarah Thistlethwaite had been placed on a day bed rest before she gave birth The twins’ rare birth condition is called monoamnioitic, or ‘mono mono’.

Doctors say they occur in about one of every 10, pregnancies. Jenna was born first at four pounds, two ounces and 17 inches, with Jillian following 48 seconds later at three pounds, 13 ounces and They were born at 33 weeks and two days to their year-old mother, a middle school math teacher.

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Oct 22,  · Mono Lake has a “reservoir effect,” meaning it has a mass of old carbon that has lost much of its radioactivity. This carbon slips into the tufa deposits and creates incorrect readings during radiocarbon dating, causing modern tufa to appear ancient.

As I discussed earlier, the defining trait of abuse is control. This is true whether our partners are trying to control our jobs, our friendships, or our intimate relationships. On the opposite side of relationships from control is setting boundaries. Instead of our partners telling us what WE are allowed to do, they are telling us what they require in a healthy relationship, and what is and is not acceptable to them.

When a member of a monogamous relationship comes out as polyamorous, they are drastically redefining their boundaries. How they redefine them varies a bit, but here are some examples. I am willing and open to having multiple relationships. In order for our relationship to meet my needs, I need to be able to have other relationships as well.

I realize how big a thing this is, but I really hope you will be able to accept this change in my needs. Of course, people rarely actually talk like this, but these general ideas, and others like them, are often behind a poly partner coming out to their monogamous partner. An important part of these boundaries is that they are expressed as what the poly partner needs and what is healthy for them.

They are not asking their monogamous partner to change or do anything. Only that their partner accept that this is what they need.

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