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As former General Counsel of the HKMC, Susie had made significant contributions to development of the debt issuance and mortgage-backed securitisation industry in Hong Kong. Susie was responsible for overseeing the structuring and legal documentation of the various debt and mortgage-backed securities MBS programmes launched by the HKMC to help promote development of the local debt and mortgage-backed securities MBS markets in Hong Kong. She obtained her LL. M from University College, London. Susie received the “Outstanding Achievement– Asia Women in Business Law Awards ” in recognition of her contributions in launching a set of Model Mortgage Origination documents for the residential mortgage lending industry in Hong Kong, and for the legal counselling arrangement for the elderly which she helped to structure and promote under the Reverse Mortgage Programme in Hong Kong. He received his early education in Hong Kong and England, and took his law degree at University College London where he is now a honorary fellow. Mr Chu is admitted to practise law in England and Hong Kong. Since he has practised in the field of corporate, commercial and securities laws, with special emphasis on China and regional investment transactions. His love of travel inspired him to emigrate to Asia in , to India initially and then in to Singapore, where he now lives with his wife and family.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Issues Arise

Cat Weakley As I walked into the New York Bar, on the top — 52nd — floor of the five-star Park Hyatt hotel, it was the glittering night sky view over a brightly lit city that grabbed my attention first. It spreads all around through floor-to-ceiling windows, sections framed by steel girders, extending as far as Mount Fuji, although at night the white-topped cone is lost to blackness.

Only after I gaped my fill did I refocus on the bar itself. But then, as eyes and minds adjust, vast and colourful murals by Italian artist Valerio Adami pop out too. Tables were wide spaced, and the ceiling so high that conversation drifts upwards into it; the vibe is buzzy, elegant, and never intrusive. Classics, then imaginative creations that include a sprinkling of Japanese ingredients — fine-grained wasanbon sugar, yuzu a citrus flavour somewhere between mandarin and grapefruit , sake and sakura cherry blossom liqueur.

Finding a manga cafe. It’s not difficult to find a manga cafe in Tokyo. There are usually a couple (at least) dotted around train stations, with signboards or employees pointing the .

Shibuya Tokyo in a word: Chance of Hooking up: Overview While it may sound like romanticism, Tokyo is a koan in motion. And yet, through all the people, energy, and noise, the city is interspersed with moments of silence, serenity, and zen. The Girls Looks and Personality: Given that Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan area in the world, it also has the highest concentrations of attractive women in the world.

Many girls from outside of Tokyo will also have vacations in the city at various times of the year. Physically, Japanese women are not as curvaceous and voluptuous as women in other parts of the world, but they take great care in their appearance and the overwhelming majority are thin. They show off their legs at any time of the year even in the depths of winter. The Japanese even have a phrase for it: Make sure you hit those honne buttons!

Do you speak English? You can find the full list of parties here.

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MAP Tradition and innovation merge in Tokyo’s elegant downtown Built on the site of a mint dating back to the Edo era , Ginza is an area steeped in history with an air of self-assured elegance. Its main street houses some of Tokyo’s original department stores, and many still flock here for peerless service that matches the high-class products on offer.

Ginza’s backstreets are adventures in boutique shopping and tiny yet exquisite bistros.

Apr 14,  · Tokyo As if Super Mario Bros. weren’t phallic enough on its own, real-life heroes can get off on the Maidreamin Digitized Cafe and Dining Bar, full of girls in French maid costumes leaping on.

In this article, we will introduce you to things you can do at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, such as sending off dolls down the river and trying out red snapper good luck lotteries. The Year Old Matchmaking Shrine: Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine The Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine is said to be approximately years old and is where five deities are enshrined: With two sets of deities that are regarded as married couples, the shrine has been historically worshiped for “matrimonial happiness”, “happiness in the family” and the “deity of matchmaking”.

First, Let’s Greet the Deities Enshrined at Hikawa Jinja We first enter the shrine grounds after passing under the bright orange torii gates. Soaring tall at 15 meters, this is said to be the largest wooden torii gate in Japan. When you first visit the shrine, purify your hands at the chozuya an area with water to clean your hands and mouth before entering. Please read How to Visit a Shrine for more details. The steps are as follows: Rub the hitogata paper on yourself.

Release the hitogata paper into the river while chanting “harai tamae, kiyome tamae” atone and purify. The purpose of this ritual is to cleanse one’s sins. Go Around for Blessings Aside from the main shrine and the hall of worship, there are many smaller shrines and holy trees throughout the shrine grounds. These are all known as spots where you can be blessed.


Puppy, Samurai Jack, Punch-Out!! Hey folks, Orange Ratchet here! All right, here’s what you need to know about me. I’m a 25 year old male, and yes, I have a life. Cartoons, retro and modern.

Matchmaking (Konkatsu) Party in Japan 婚活パーティー Matchmaking Party in Osaka 婚活パーティー大阪 Matchmaking Party in Tokyo 婚活パーティー東京.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. By the end of the s, the company was also engaged in the publication of classified ad magazines covering fields such as part-time job listings, automobile and overseas travel. The company was one of the market to leaders to implement “new business competition” among the employees and its unique concept has been giving opportunity for them to start up a new business within the group.

It is also known for creating many buzz words such as ” Freeter” “Shushoku-hyogaki” and “Gaten-kei” from their publications.

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By Jenna Pitcher Halo: Master Chief Collection players in various regions are currently reporting extensive waiting times for matchmaking matches. Players have taken to online communities, such as the Halo sub Reddit and the HaloWaypoint forums , to report the matchmaking issues. Some players claim to have been waiting for up to three hours to enter a matchmaking game.

18 Unique Cafes to Visit in Tokyo, Japan this Holiday Season. Featured. Nov 29, Nicole Serrano. So kawaii! Japan is one of the most sought-after international destinations in the world, and the Tokyo metropolis tops Artnia, the official cafe and store of Square Enix.

There are the well-known day trips such as Kobe, Himeji and Nara, for example. Apart from these, I want to show you a lot of different alternatives. Please note that the following travel time estimation is based on public transportation. Kyoto Prefecture has a few gems hidden that are well worth exploring. There are so many places you might want to consider such as Shoryuji Castle , Miyama Village , Kurama, but I want to emphasize the following: This hall is also shown on the back of the 10 yen coin.

The hall was completed in

The grim truth about life as a Japanese hostess

We will discuss opportunities and challenges in smart city development in Hong Kong. Everyone is welcome to join us. Friday 2 February , 6: With his experience of getting involved in the Alliance of Global Sustainability AGS , he will discuss key opportunities and challenges in mobilising and managing international collaboration for sustainability. My short article on data-intensive approaches to creating innovation for sustainable smart cities has been published in Science Trends.

Our paper that analyzes the introduction of energy-efficient technologies in small- and medium-sized enterprises in the apparel industry has been published online in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Deai kissa matchmaking cafes more than just a meet n’ greet In the wake of the September murder of a year-old university student by a man she met at a deai kissa, or matchmaking cafe, the Mainichi ran an article (Japanese here) that takes a look inside the very same venue where the pair met.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much?

Tokyo’s Red Light District

Skip to content Dangerous Area in Tokyo? Thinking about other countries in the world, crimes happen everywhere in this world and Japan is not exceptional. In this article, we will look for dangerous areas in Tokyo and why these areas are considered to be dangerous. No way, I visited here and I had a lot of fun there! It was totally safe and there are so many things you can enjoy in Kabukicho such as robot restaurant and game centers.

I know Kabukicho is a fancy place where tourists from all over the world gather for entertainment.

Themed cafes in Tokyo that make you go ‘wow’. Fish for your own sashimi in #10!

Tokyo Dating Cafe Most of the market where they have fish auctions is over at 11 a.. You can also keep up to date with his If you like to rabbit while indulging in coffee and cake, then the diners at this cafe are all ears. But thats all part of the fun. Some girls just dine or hang around.. Meanwhile, the aliens search for Marikos crystal ball, believing it contains mew aqua.

Another interesting choice isnt just one, but three related venues: The role of has a lot to do with the relationship between the people involved. Anata no Egao o Shinjiru”! Cat cafes are great, but I wanted to try something else this time, so together with Ali I went to a super adorable owl cafe in Harajuku. How to get there: The impression of the word could translate into becoming practical or throwing off illusion. Best Online Dating About Me Its dying a slow death in the West as pulling out a chair, or opening a door for a lady can be construed as telling her Self Dating that shes not capable of doing it on her own.

Unfortunately, just getting the basic meaning across can be challenging enough.

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Japan is home to a very large commercial sex scene that at times can boggle the mind in its scope and style. The company has multiple locations. The place under review today is a branch in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo but the other locations operate in the same manner. Kirari Community Cafe is located right out in the open on a main street. Inside the entrance there is a very small lobby that looks more like a hallway.

Matchmaking Cafe Tokyo – Home – LastFirst Matchmaking Recruit (company) – Wikipedia FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT | 環狀賽車GT on Steam SEX, DATING CLUBS AND SCHOOLGIRLS IN JAPAN | Facts and Details Car News, Reviews, & Pricing for Environmentally.

Video rental shops offer dozens of pornographic films with teenage girls in school uniforms, popular manga feature rape and torture scenes with them and some hostess bars feature young women dressed up like schoolgirls. Some sex shops even sell the used panties of school girls, along with crotch shot of the girl, and sometimes even some of their saliva and a cassette recording of their moaning.

The saliva, panties and recording are sold in small canisters with girl’s picture on it. Some vendors are reportedly even collecting samples of menstrual fluid for their customers. The practice of sellling used schoolgirl panties from vending machines was outlawed in the mid s, around the same time Japan’s Ministry of Education made a formal announcement urging schoolgirls to stop selling their panties to fetishists.

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And inside those movie theaters, American movies offered even more examples of Western mating rituals to a Japanese public at once hesitant and intrigued by the bold behaviors of their American counterparts. In his photographs—which never ran in LIFE—Dominis captured a moment when the new had caught on, but the old had not yet been forgotten. The young couples he photographed in were living on the edge of modernity, but still holding onto many of the the traditions long followed by their culture.

Notes written by Dominis and someone who appears to be an assistant that accompanied the dozens of rolls of film he shot provide insight into the song and dance sometimes literal in which the young lovers engaged. Some met by chance, others in settings tailor-made for matchmaking. Instead, he would tell Mr.

Tokyo Dating Cafe So if there is anything like an ancient park, this is it! In Summary Shibuya is much more Japanese than foreigner friendly Roppongi where girls are going knowing theyll meet foreigners.

The girl goes to your hotel of Tokyo at reservation time. We bring a large towel so that your bed will not get dirty. Our store belongs to is only a Japanese girls. Please enjoy full-scale massage and erotic massage of Japan. The service contents which we donate do not have the contact of the mucous membrane. Therefore there is no risk of the STD. Our massage can experience a relaxation effect and the energy reinforcement and sexual pleasure.

Please enjoy us’s original erotic massage to one’s heart’s content. Our shop manage the personal information that I acquired under the severe security protection safely. Erotic Lounge Tokyo Vip massage. Contents of Powder massage play Contents of Oil massage play basic charge system As for the payment, cash or a credit card is usable.

The payment cash would like Japanese yen, US dollar, Euro. Please prepare so that change is not paid.

6 Best Animal Cafes in Tokyo